Thursday, May 13, 2004

Gene, the Shuttle-Man for Don Jacobs Toyota 

"It's the van out there."

"Less air?"
"I'm fine."
"Keeps goin' from hot to cold . . . don't know what to do about the air."
"Yeah, it's been hard choosing clothes lately."

"So are we picking you up too?"
"Yeah. It's summer driving season, so I thought I'd get everything taken care of at once."
"Knock her all out in one trip, huh?"
"Yeah. I've got a bunch of weddings and bachelor parties to go to, so before I drive across the state, I thought I'd have it checked out."
"Well, you're young. Everyone's gettin' married at your age."
"They sure are."

"So we take the Oklahoma exit?"
"That's a nice neighborhood."
"Yeah. Pretty strange, though. We were woken up twice last night by gunshots."
"Over there?"
"Yeah, eight or nine shots. At first I thought it was a car backfiring, but they kept shooting. Then it happened again. Cops were driving up and down. They walked through everybody's yard."
"Ever find out what happened?"
"That's how it always is."

"You don't work?"
"I work second shift."
"Where at?"
"Oh, yeah? My daughter works there. Writes programs. Or something. Do you write programs?"
"I sure do not."
"I used to have a store over on 34th. But when I retired, none of my kids wanted to take it over, so I guess that's that."
"It's for the best, though. They have all these tech jobs. All my kids are programmers. They never hurt for work."
"No, I bet they don't."
"And it's good experience. Better'n a convenience store on 34th anyway. My wife's uncle used to work there, but he's dead now. Oh, God, I'm getting old."
"Yeah, we are."

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