Monday, October 25, 2004


As I've instructed the staff of wrfarah.blogspot.com to refrain from any political posts, this one will be the departure. Yes, folks, it's about a week away now, and it's endorsement time.

You know how when you were a kid on the playground, and how normally you'd always play kickball as a class? And it was great: everyone participated, the game was fun, life was good. But then there were some days when some of the people wanted to play soccer. Other people disagreed, preferring to play basketball. So the class would split into two groups, and one of these half-assed groups would play soccer; the other would play basketball. And it wasn't much fun. There's weren't enough people playing to make it fun. It felt like half of a recess.

That is politics to me right now. The left and the right have their own ideas, they never acknowledge the possibility of anything outside of these ideas, much less combining any of them; basically, they are never going to agree to play kickball. Listen, I could get into the specifics: but that's what turns people off. God knows it turns me off. I think the worst thing is hearing a "talking head" spout some mountain of catchy manure on the news . . . and then I end up hearing a regular Joe say the exact same thing at the supermarket the next day . . . as if he thought it up himself.

Suffice to say, I think we are at a rare time in United States politics: I think we have been presented with two people, perhaps the only two people, whom I consider to be worse candidates for office than, say, a dead, bad president. Therefore, I'm voting for Richard Millhouse Nixon in next week's presidential election.

I will preemptively answer your questions and concerns:

But he's dead.

Indeed. However, I assert that your candidate's ideas are dead.

You're throwing your vote away.

So are you.

Why don't you choose Lincoln or Washington or somebody who was great?

I think Nixon deserves a second chance.

You're just doing this to be funny. But it's not funny. People have died for democracy.

I'm not laughing.


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