Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Release Tuesday 

It's always a great feeling to have a new Neil Young release in stores. I make sure to go to a store to get mine, these days. I still do plenty of Internet shopping, but some bands are worth a new release Tuesday visit to the music store.

It's a strong album by Neil, and I say that for just one reason. Most people reviewing the album know that it's cobbled together with old and new stuff. My ear tells me there are three different sessions on this disc, covering 20 years, different players, not to mention some additional production and mixing for this release. And while I agree that it's sort of a lazy release, the fact that it works is what's most important. And the kicker is: if people didn't know it was cobbled together, it would be getting raves.

I think he's cobbled together worse albums -- "American Stars and Bars", "Hawks and Doves", "Are You Passionate?" are three that come to mind, and I like all those albums. But they don't work quite as well as this one. As Neil puts it, "They just keep on comin in a long, long line. I'm a Believer."

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